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“Capture your imagination, but don’t cage it!”


Peter Washington, wood carver, master framer and artist has been making one-of-a-kind mirrors, wall hangings, picture frames, cabinets, molding and pool cue cases for many years, and revels in creating something beautiful and unique that people enjoy and use. His solid works are carved from many types of wood. He enjoys the process of "revealing" the wood.

Washington has developed a unique style and entirely new concept in custom framing, cabinet making, molding and specialty cases. Combining his mastery of the art and his God-given ability for wood sculpting, Washington now creates a new facet in the art world. His knowledge of carving, love of wood and imagination in creation represents a new era in conceptual art.

"I love wood; its smell, touch and patience. God created wood, and gave me the gift to reveal it. The wood dictates the message...I am but the messenger. I respect the spirit of the art while enhancing it...after all, originality is what interior design is all about."

Peter Washington 

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